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Rick Friedman and Doug Hansgate Workshop

August 18,19,20 2017

fashion model

From lighting on locations to the final touch of digital processing, join Rick Friedman and Doug Hansgate for a photographic weekend gateway in Upstate NY in August!

Photographing beautiful models with the background of grand splendor of Niagara Fall to shooting inside magnificent church turned into an amazing studio and photographing our model in an urban edgy scenes with amazing twilight.

Learn lighting from two lighting gurus! Doug and Rick will show you how to navigate the ascetics of photography. This is a practical hands on shooting workshop exploring creativity, light and nature. Setting up light on locations, learning how to pose models, using different lighting modifiers to see the quality of light and learn the art of digital post process to perfection.

fire small colors on wall

Come join us for a weekend of lighting and laughing!

Gear for you to play with include:

  • Nissin Speedlight
  • Nissing Air transmitter
  • Rogue flash benders
  • Pocket Wizard
  • Sekonic Lightmeter
  • Dynalite Baja
  • Phottix lighting gear
  • Westcott Continuous Lights
  • We will have extensive post-production classes taught by Doug Hansgate throughout the weekend, giving you a truly No-Secrets approach to image making and editing. You will learn to properly deal with skin softening and blemishes, using frequency seperation and more. There will be extensive discussions on how to take your images from "Imagery to Artistry" a subject that Doug teaches all over the country.


    The Class will start on Friday night 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM where we will go over classical portraiture forms, and learn to handle the lights that we will be using over the course of the weekend. A class in portrait editing will also take place on Friday.

    Saturday Morning class will start in Studio at 8:00 AM and will give all attendees the chance to work with our models and use our portable lighting systems in a more controlled environment. After a short lunch break we will go into the classroom and spend three hours examining our images and Doug will edit live some of the attendees images that were captured that morning. After dinner, we head out to Niagara Falls to shoot on location. The balance of ambient light and fill strobes is the focus this evening, as well as using the camera to create varying qualities of light. We finish this evening at 10:00 PM.

    Sunday morning (9:00 AM) we will meet early to go out on location in some urban grunge locations as well as some more Niagara Falls locations, with models for more on location shooting. After lunch, the instruction comes back into the classroom, where we will discover the art of creation in post-production, the refining of our imagery to make it magazine ready. (Class size limited to 12 students.)

  • Friday Evening 6:00 - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday 8:00 - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday 9:00 - 4:00 PM
  • Hurry class limited to 12 students.

    Only $459.00 per person

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    The Instructors

    Rick Friedman has been a photojournalist for over three decades. He travels the world for publications, corporations, advertising assignments and film/television productions. Rick has been teaching his “Location Lighting Workshops™” for the past 8 years across the US and UK.

    Doug Hansgate has been shooting professionally and with distinction for over 35 years. His creative approach to photography, coupled with his ability to see and capture light, permeates his impressive body of work. His love of photography, passion for art, and desire to always be the best that he can be in any field, has driven him to excel as a photographer, artist and educator.