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Here you will find a collection of images that I have created over the years.

Many more images will be uploaded over the next several days. Stay tuned.




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My Vision

As an artist I am compelled to create and explore the visions that I see, and probably the more difficult task of explaining the emotions that they bring about. An image without emotion is flat and lifeless. The exploration of life and the subtle nuances that make up a portrait, landscape, or creative piece are far more important than the technical. Not to say that I am not a technically driven demanding aficionado of the control of light and details necessary to create the image that I desire. What I am saying is that I also am driven to look beyond the technical and look into the very essence of a scene and create the visible depiction of the feelings that I have. Whether that be empathy, sadness, elation, sorrow, or understanding. All great images leave you with an emotional response, just as all great artworks. One could make life study of the subtle smile of the 'Mona Lisa' the casual eye lift of a questioning stare. My dream is to master the understanding of all the emotions that a subject can exude.

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