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About Classes

Our classes are for everyone—from the beginning Photoshop user to the more advanced photographer who wants to better manage photo processing using Lightroom™. Classes are held in Buffalo, NY. Call for special classes and one on one training and or your individual group needs. I teach throughout the North East United States and Southern Ontario.

What Our Students Are Saying

“Doug pulled off the impossible night after night by keeping the more advanced students interested and challenged without leaving any of the beginners behind! I’ve attended other lectures and demonstration where the instructors thrilled the audience with their skills with Photoshop, Doug takes that one step further and passes these skills and abilities on to his students. When I first walked into the class I had a vague idea of what was possible in Photoshop, I walked out with a deep enough understanding to not only put my new skill sets into practice, but to be able to pass them on to others. If you want to improve your work flow, explore new creative paths, or simply want to improve your photographs, you can't make a better investment than this course.” ~Tim, Buffalo, NY
“As a former teacher for over 27 years, I can recommend Doug Hansgate for his level of skill. He comes prepared with everything he needs to teach the class effectively, from his own equipment to that day’s lesson in the form of paperwork and down-loadable images. Doug reviews the previous class before starting that day’s class. Whenever a participant is ‘lost’ or just has a question, Doug answers the question and will keep explaining until it is understandable. Besides his sense of humor, Doug provides an atmosphere of calmness, one that is non-threatening. Did I learn a lot? Did I enjoy the class? Did the time ‘fly by’? Would I take another class with Doug Hansgate? The answer to all these questions is a decisively, positively resounding, yes!” ~ Marlene Morris, Memories by Marne, Photography
“I highly recommend Doug Hansgate’s class. Photoshop is a very powerful tool. Doug is able to walk you through the program with just enough information so that you will not be overwhelmed. His knowledge base and delivery and are both excellent. You will not be disappointed. Sign up before it fills up!!!” ~Amy Doyle, Buffalo, NY